Basketball not your thing? When you hear about "shooting range," do you have something other than 3-pointers in mind?

Military Times has you covered: Just in time for that other madness, we're presenting Battle Bracket, where our audience will choose a favorite from 64 pieces of military-grade hardware — everything from ships to tanks, pistols to helicopters, Warthogs to "Woobies."

We surveyed readers, rounded up experts from inside and outside our offices, and set 32 first-round matchups across four topic areas: Air warfare, ground warfare, sea warfare and personal items. Vote here to help determine who moves on.

First-round voting ends Thursday. We'll wrap up the contest about the time the NCAA crowns its men's college hoops champion.

And what would a vote be without campaigning? Leave a comment here to sway your fellow readers, or take to Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #BattleBracket to make your case. We may feature some of the top messages in ongoing bracket updates, as we announce voting results and round openings/closings.

Click here throughout the contest for the latest round of voting, and head here for our Battle Bracket page, with regular updates on the tournament, an FAQ page, videos and more.

Kevin Lilley is the features editor of Military Times.

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